The Greater Hilton Head Area: The Best of Both Worlds


The "Greater Hilton Head Area" in South Carolina is made up of Hilton Head Island, Bluffton, Daufuskie Island, Sun City Hilton Head, stretching up to Spring Island. The Area is part of the South Carolina Lowcountry and is located at the southernmost, oceanfront tip of the state and is a collection of remarkably diverse communities filled with welcoming, friendly people. Additionally, of course, they are blessed by a delightfully moderate climate that encourages a lifestyle that is just too much fun! Two factors - friendly, active people and geographic location – give the newcomer the best of two worlds.

World #1: The Resort: Fun, Fun, Fun

Hilton Head Island itself is a world-renowned oceanfront resort, featuring twelve miles of sugar-sand Atlantic beaches, celebrated golf courses crafted by the top course designers in the world and its internationally-ranked tennis facilities.

sunrise_600 The Island has recently been named as one of The Top Ten Family Beaches in the US. On the Island and in Bluffton, you’ll get a little taste of everything with more than 300 restaurants, 36 golf courses, hundreds of boutiques and big box stores.

The Atlantic Ocean and Intracoastal Waterway offer an unlimited variety of boating activities from kayaking to deep-sea fishing for the big ones or inshore adventures for catching red fish, sea bass cobia and a myriad of other delicious fish. And don't forget the bounty of summer-time blue crabs and succulent shrimp and oysters. Sailing is very popular and the area sports many marinas and even protected harbors.


Keep in mind all of this activity is supported by a year 'round temperate sub-tropical climate. Sweaters in winter, light jackets in early spring and fall and whatever you like in summer clothing the rest of the year. Gardening is popular and, of course, just plain restful sun bathing and lolling about on the beach.

The Lowcountry is located directly on the coastal migratory route for a multitude of birds. Bird lovers will spot over 250 varieties of birds over the course of a year. Other wildlife abounds as well. It is not rare to spot a wily raccoon peering around a tree in your backyard or an occasional white tail deer or even a coastal red fox. There are many protected nature preserves and even two rare wood stork rookeries.

And surprisingly the Hilton Head Area was a significant player in the Civil War, so there's lots of historical locations for the history buff.

World #2: The "Community" of Friendly, Involved People

The key word here is “community”. Just a short visit and it becomes apparent that the area's greatest asset is its people. The diverse and cosmopolitan population has, over the last fifty plus years, evolved into the East Coast's most dynamic, involved group of friendly people.

Community Spirit on Hilton Head Island  

Hilton Head Island itself is not just another sleepy beach burg with towel shops and pancake houses. Charles Fraser, a young Yale Law School graduate, put his remarkable visionary genius to work by spearheading in 1957 the first PUD (Planned Unit Development) built in America after the 1920's. He envisioned a true “community”, not just a beach resort.

Thus he stimulated the building of churches of nearly every denomination, theaters and places for showing and producing art, parks and playgrounds with gathering places on a human scale, schools, higher education centers, recreation centers, hospitals, etc. Whenever possible he would donate land, money, space or buildings.

Now, 50+ years later a real town with an astonishingly deep community spirit exists and compliments the all the natural beauty and recreational amenities.

Community Spirit in Bluffton 


While all this was happening, just across the bridge, residents of historic Bluffton, one of the oldest towns (founded in 1852) in SC, were watching and waiting. Bluffton was a sleepy little town in the shadow of its big brother with the 12 miles of beaches. But in the 1990’s the development concepts that had attracted tens of thousands to the Island spilled over the bridges to Greater Bluffton. And Bluffton was no longer sleepy.

Today Greater Bluffton is home to some of the area’s finest communities, shopping, restaurants, golf courses, entertainment, etc.

Bluffton’s most striking feature is the May River, a pristine waterway that has strongly contributed to the town's history and continued success. The one-square-mile, historic Old Town sits on a high bluff (thus the name “Bluffton”) overlooking the winding waters of the river.

Ancient oak trees draped with Spanish moss line the quaint streets of Old Town Bluffton. Many of the town’s 19th-century homes have been transformed into cafes, galleries and antique shops where regulars greet old friends and welcome newcomers with infectious Southern hospitality.

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Boredom is Not an Option

The Hilton Head Area boasts four performing arts theaters, numerous art galleries, a full symphony orchestra, not to mention a continuing International Piano Competition that annually sends the winner to a Carnegie Hall debut as part of the prize. There are several multi-screen, state-of-the-art movie theaters, a fine arts movie house, an environmental and cultural museum, two town governments with lots of volunteer civic opportunities, six medical centers and two first-rate, fully equipped hospitals.

Educationally speaking, there are three private and two fine public high schools. And speaking of education, higher education in the area has now, most recently and with great pride, taken a major leap forward with the opening of the fully functional, four-year baccalaureate University of South Carolina-Beaufort.Plus a popular two-year technical college is available.

The area's affluent, well educated population has evolved over 130 special interest clubs spanning the arts, literature, bridge, mahjong, needlework and quilting and including, of course, the various forms of painting, photography and sculpture. There are branches of all of America's major charitable and fraternal organizations, all very active. And if all this weren't enough there is a sprinkling of excellent private and public fitness centers in the area and a full cadre of personal trainers. And every year a full calendar of festivals, picnics, wine tastings, chili cook-offs, oyster roasts and crab boils, craft fairs, art shows, car shows, boat shows, fishing tournaments. Are you getting the idea? Boredom in the Lowcountry is simply not an option!

Living in the Greater Hilton Head Area among active, friendly people is truly the “best of both worlds”!

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