Buying Property in the Hilton Head Area

The Hilton Head Island/Bluffton/Beaufort area is the kind of place that sells itself. The area's famous beaches, great year-round great climate, and dozens of attractive, carefully planned communities make quality of life here a sure bet. New residents are attracted here from all over the country. Hilton Head's popularity has also helped produce a thriving real estate market, and enabled builders to construct homes and condos to suit every taste. No matter what kind of property you're seeking, you'll find here a plethora of superlative choices.

But that plethora can be a problem. After meeting literally thousands of people and going through the discovery process with them, we have discovered their big question is almost always, "Which of all these wonderful communities should we focus on?" At first blush it seems there is a dizzying array of choices and there are, in fact, more options all the time. Existing home, new home, buy a lot and build "down the road", condominium, view, Island or Mainland location, amenities? The choices are dazzling. All of these things make up the fabric of a decision, a choice. So. Where to begin?

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15 Bald Eagle Road, Hilton Head Island


↑ $501,000

15 Bald Eagle Road,Sea Pines, Hilton Head Island

6 Beds 6 Full Baths 2 Half Baths 6,500 SqFt Residential MLS # 438879

8 Pine Island, Okatie


8 Pine Island,Spring Island, Okatie

3 Beds 3 Full Baths 1 Half Bath 6,130 SqFt Residential MLS # 441207

15 Grey Widgeon Road, Hilton Head Island


15 Grey Widgeon Road,Sea Pines, Hilton Head Island

7 Beds 8 Full Baths 1 Half Bath 6,200 SqFt Residential MLS # 444701

28 Seven Oaks Drive, Bluffton


↓ $1,600,000

28 Seven Oaks Drive,Colleton River, Bluffton

6 Beds 6 Full Baths 6 Half Baths 20,100 SqFt Residential MLS # 422276

945 Mount Pelia Road, Bluffton


945 Mount Pelia Road,Palmetto Bluff, Bluffton

7 Beds 8 Full Baths 2 Half Baths 8,898 SqFt Residential MLS # 442811

50 Marsh Island Road, Hilton Head Island


↓ $1,000,000

50 Marsh Island Road,Sea Pines, Hilton Head Island

7 Beds 7 Full Baths 3 Half Baths 10,020 SqFt Residential MLS # 438889

7 Eastwind, Hilton Head Island


↓ $1,000,000

7 Eastwind,Palmetto Dunes/Shelter Cove, Hilton Head Island

5 Beds 5 Full Baths 3 Half Baths 6,139 SqFt Residential MLS # 443704

6 Morrow Street, Bluffton


↓ $955,000

6 Morrow Street,Palmetto Bluff, Bluffton

6 Beds 6 Full Baths 2 Half Baths 7,931 SqFt Residential MLS # 441882

21 Nottingham Road, Bluffton


↓ $550,000

21 Nottingham Road,Palmetto Bluff, Bluffton

5 Beds 5 Full Baths 2 Half Baths 6,458 SqFt Residential MLS # 441272

18 Armada, Hilton Head Island


↓ $500,000

18 Armada,Palmetto Dunes/Shelter Cove, Hilton Head Island

6 Beds 7 Full Baths 6,398 SqFt Residential MLS # 437864

70 Brams Point Rd, Hilton Head Island


↓ $800,000

70 Brams Point Rd,Spanish Wells, Hilton Head Island

5 Beds 5 Full Baths 2 Half Baths 8,000 SqFt Residential MLS # 438092

9 Galleon, Hilton Head Island


↓ $230,000

9 Galleon,Palmetto Dunes/Shelter Cove, Hilton Head Island

6 Beds 6 Full Baths 4,048 SqFt Residential MLS # 432941

How's the Real Estate Market in the Hilton Head area?

This is a question we hear all the time. Naturally people want to know if this is a strong, medium or weak market. We've created a page that we update every month to give you that information.

Rear of a Hilton Head Island home

The "Which" is Determined by the "What"

We have found that is is wise to spend some quality time with a professional "listening" Realtor, who will diligently listen to understand your unique needs and dreams, thus determining "what" kind of lifestyle you want to enjoy here. You'll discuss with your Realtor what you like to do recreationally and socially. What hobbies and leisure activities are your "cup of tea". If you're working, how close to work you'd like to be. Who will be visiting and what to they like to do recreationally.

Once you've discussed questions like these, selecting"which" communities are "matches" for you almost magically emerges out of your dialogue. We can't overemphasize how important this phase is. You don't want to waste time looking at properties in communities that don't fit you "hand in glove". Or worse, you don't want to choose a house, lot or villa discovering months later, another community would have been a better match for you.

How "Representation" Saves You $'s

Today in South Carolina we have new laws that allow a Realtor to represent you the buyer. The advantages are numerous. You have a professional who has knowlege of the best values and future trends, and who daily "eats, drinks and breathes" the MLS database. As you compare the best buys, she'll provide you with important information about the home, its neighborhood, zoning issues, utilities, and nearby plans for development. And your Realtor often has knowledge that can help you negotiate an even more impressive deal.

Golf course, Hilton Head Island, SC

Buyer's Representation

Normally your Realtor's fee is paid for by the listing Realtor, so all that knowledge and effort doesn't cost you, the buyer, anything. There's nothing like a professional, knowledgeable, ethical personal advocate ... at no cost! If you'd like to discuss having us represent you, contact us and tell us what you're looking for.

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