The Three Secrets to Getting Your Hilton Head Island, Bluffton or Beaufort, SC, Real Estate SOLD!

Potential sellers ask us all the time, "How can I get the most money for my property?" The amazing truth in real estate is that when you sell wisely, you will sell your property for the highest price WHEN it sells in a timely manner. The key to that statement is wisely. Statistics reveal that he longer a house sits on the market, the less it sells for.

So how do you sell wisely? There are three secrets. If you do all three, you will sell in a reasonable time and get the best possible price.

First, the Internet Secret

This is the biggest secret of all. Current research indicates that a staggering 89% of homebuyers are searching the Internet before they buy a home. Only a few Realtors are knowledgeable and aggressive about going after this huge cache of buyers. These Realtors are pushing their listings all over the Internet: Google, Yahoo,,, Homescape,com,,,,, etc., etc.


This is a very expensive proposition in terms of money, time and Internet marketing training. Because this is such a new and emerging marketing field, these Internet Marketing Realtors (IMR's) are rare. But you've got to find one! They make all the difference in the speed of your sale as well as helping you achieve top dollar. If you do call one, you'll be amazed at all the different websites that feature your house.  

By the way, you just happen (isn't that surprising!) to be on an IMR's website. Contact Linda Rudd at 843-816-5522 (mobile) or for a friendly discussion of how you can get super exposure for your property on the Internet.

Second, the Saks Secret

Walk into a Saks Fifth Avenue and then walk into a thrift store. Saks is merchandised. The consignment store is not. Who sells clothes for the highest price? Today in real estate, as never before, we're in a "beauty contest and a price war". The home that is merchandised, like a Saks store, and thus wins the beauty contest is halfway to being SOLD.

Thus, get with a professional, top-producing Realtor. You won't even have to ask. That Realtor will go through your home or villa, or walk your lot, and point out what merchandising should be done to make yours the "prettiest belle at the ball". And don't forget what you knew during your dating years: you never get that second chance to make a great first impression! So merchandise your house prior to the first buyer looking at it.

Now, let's combine merchandising with an IMR. "How?" you ask. An IMR realizes that to best presnt your house on the Internet (in all of it's colorful glory), you've got to photograph it really well. Look at the listings in your community on this website. Many of the listings are poorly photographed. A good IMR will photograph it well. This is extremely important. Buyers choose which houses to look at primarily based on the photos. Here's an example of our photography.


We've written an e-book, Selling Your Home for The Highest Possible Price, which you can download for FREE. Just click here. It will help you gain perhaps even tens of thousands of extra dollars ... and often shave months off your selling time.

Third, the Bullseye Secret

A couple of years ago we were at a convention of the top Marketing Realtors in the country. Speaking on the podium one morning was a Realtor who sells more property every year than any Realtor in America. Typical Realtor: 8-10 transactions. This Realtor: 700+. He uses "Bullseye Pricing" to help his sellers get their property sold for top dollar and does it rather quickly. "The best way to get the highest price," he says, "is to price it 'in the market' in the first place. Then you'll have more buzz, more enthusiasm, more showings, a faster sale, a higher price. If you price it too high, it gets stale and usually won't sell for market value later just because it is stale."

So, again, hire that professional, top-producing Realtor who is an expert in your specific market area. He/she will provide you with a well-researched Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) that will give you this valuable information. For the sake of your net worth you must price your home "in the market" from the "get go". It is the kiss of death to let it get stale!

"So What? What I Care About is Getting My Property SOLD!"

We can have all kinds of aggressive marketing programs, have the finest sales people, produce the most leads, but you, the seller, want to know, "Do these Realtors get results? Are they really good at finding buyers? And most importantly, will they find a buyer for me?"

Obviously there are no guarantees, but our record is stellar. There are 1,100 Realtors in the area and we are in the Top 20. We don't say that to brag, but to let you know we know what we're doing and we do get amazing results. And we really care. We want you to sell your home, lot or villa for the highest possible price within your time frame. We absolutely love helping people get a really good price ... and move on with their lives!   

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