Linda Rudd and Rick Turner

See It and Believe It.

Rick and Linda have been working together for over 20 years. During their tenure in real estate, they have helped hundreds of owners sell their Hilton Head Island-Bluffton properties. But Turner & Rudd Group doesn’t just get the results you want. They genuinely care about their clients. Find out how they exceeded Dr. John Drammis’ expectations through their one-of-a-kind UPSell® Platform.


The Struggle

“I worked with two other agents prior to signing with Linda and Rick. It was a difficult time to sell a large home in my community. Those first two agents seemed to be only interested in getting the listing, and their follow up care and attention were very disappointing.

I started with an agent friend and renewed for a second year. I then signed on with a second agent who lived in my community because he appeared to be the No. 1 agent with the most traffic on Hilton Head Island.

The first agent did not do any marketing for my home other than an initial open house the first year and to put it on the MLS. The second agent was very negative and ineffective and would not let me out of the contract. The agency owners took over the listing with no results as well.

The house was on the market for over three years.”

Exterior shot of a house in Hilton head
Interior shot of a house in Hilton head

Experiencing the Difference

“After my listing expired with the second agent, I immediately contracted with Linda & Rick because they impressed me with their professionalism and the ability to attract customers.

Linda was very personal and made me feel that I was her only client. She was highly motivated to end my nightmare.

She suggested that I allow her to stage the house for a better presentation. She spent over 20 hours of her own personal time finding all sorts of items and furnishings, pictures, flower arrangements, etc. Then she went above and beyond that, placing and arranging all of these items into the house.

It looked so amazing that I commented to Linda, ‘It looks so good I almost feel like wanting to live here another few years.’ When I found her outside brooming down my patio I knew she was an amazing and sincere agent.

The price was about what I expected and the house sold in three weeks!

I’ve had over 15 real estate experiences, and working with Linda is the best.“


The New Adventure

“What began as an unpleasant three years, Linda and Rick transformed very quickly. Since then, it has been calm and easy living.

I built a new, much smaller home off-island in beautiful Bluffton, South Carolina. I actually have many of the artifacts and items in this home that Linda had purchased for the staging of my previous house.

Would I recommend Turner & Rudd Group to other individuals interested in selling their home? I would absolutely. They know how to find clients, market properties to attract attention, and give extraordinary attention to their client—me!

I am so grateful for their help.”

Interior shot of a house in Hilton head

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