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The Hilton Head Island real estate market virtually exploded in 2013! While the national real estate market has been turning upward, our local area market has set an ALL-TIME RECORD!

For the last 10 years home sales in the Hilton Head real estate market have averaged 1,976 homes per year, according to Hilton Head Area Multiple Listing Service (MLS) statistics. In 2013, an extraordinary 2,730 homes were sold. This is an unbelievable increase of 38 percent! In fact, this breaks the previous record set in 2005 by 99 homes. See chart below.  
Number of homes sold per year since 1997* *MLS statistics not available prior to 1997. 
2013 - Most Sales Ever! This historic pace of home sales is significantly better than…
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John R. Talbott, previously a Goldman Sachs investment banker, is a bestselling author and economic consultant. When it comes to the housing market he is also a prophet. When housing prices started to skyrocket in 2003, he published The Coming Crash in the Housing Market, correctly warning us that a real estate bubble was forming. Then in January 2006, he called the abolute peak of home prices in the US by releasing a new book, Sell Now! The End of the Housing Bubble.


Mr. Talbott, the person who accurately predicted the housing bubble and its bust, now has a new prediction - IT IS THE TIME TO BUY A HOME! In a recent article, Homes - Buy Now!, Talbott simply explains:

"I have been waiting for more than five years to offer this advice. It is now time

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While real estate in much of the country languished, sales in the Hilton Head Island and Bluffton MLS have surged above 2008 and 2009 levels for 10 months straight. Through October 2010 total sales surpassed 2009 by 26%.


Further evidence of this "charged up" market is that Beaufort County, home to Hilton Head Island and Bluffton, was the hottest market in South Carolina for the 10th straight month as well.

Last In, First Out

For decades local Realtors have observed that the Hilton Head area is the "last one to go into a recession and the first one out." The data above certainly supports this observation. A National Association of Realtors truism is "all real estate is local". What's true in Chicago, NYC, Las Vegas or Atlanta is not necessarily true

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For the 1st time in the history of tracking Baby Boomer's preferences, the Carolinas have become the #1 retirement destination of Boomers, according to newly released “2010 Baby Boomer Survey” conducted by Del Webb, America’s largest builder of active adult communities.


Though Florida and Arizona remain top contenders, the Carolinas have emerged as the preferred destination for retirement. Both younger and older Baby Boomers ranked either South or North Carolina first as their favored location in retirement – with the other Carolina ranking as their second choice.

There is a huge wave coming. This year in America there are 3300 people per day turning 65. Next year the Boomer Wave triples this number: 10,000 people per day turning 65! If you can beat

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While you were vacationing in Hilton Head so many of you passed through our Gateway Real Estate offices in recent years disappointed you did not purchase something earlier or discovering you had been priced out of the real estate market because of increasing prices. How many times did you say ... “If I would have known, I could have bought, I should have done it then.”Would-a! Could-a! Should-a!

Now is your chance again!

We are being revisited by so many fortunate people who are discovering that the recession has given them a second chance at buying that dream property at prices not seen since the 1990's. In fact, our real estate is selling here faster than in any other area of South Carolina, up over 40% from last year. Many have realized there

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