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Well, hello there. Fancy meeting you here! You’re obviously hungry and I can’t blame you. With so much belly-rubbing good food here in our beloved Hilton Head, it’s impossible not to want to take advantage of it at every turn. I mean, we’re Southerners. Great food is what we do. 

I received so many great reviews (and a few sauce-laced handshakes) from my SC BBQ Trail post that I’ve decided to give the people what they want again, and that’s referrals for more legendary eats. This time we’re going to go swimming in the best seafood you’ve ever had the pleasure of placing on your tongue. 

Something Fishy Is Goin’ On Here

I can say unequivocally and without bias* that Hilton Head has the best seafood in the world. By the way, that asterisk indicates…

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Bunker ShotThe rumors are most certainly true, folks. Our beloved Hilton Head has long been praised as one of the best places to play golf in all of the world. Personally, all bias aside, I believe that it tops that list. Yes. Bias aside. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Are there other wonderful areas to fly your Titleist? Sure there are. But none also spoil you with the luxuries and charms of the Hilton Head Island area. Golfing here is the equivalent of driving 200 yards off the tee on (you guessed it) a 200 yard Par 3 while the others provide you with 160. 

To be honest, the 160 yards is very impressive, however, the extra 40 yards matter. It can easily be the difference between a birdie and a hole in one. No matter what your palette is, ‘bragging…

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It’s times like this that really remind me of how difficult it is to show my love for this wonderful area and community. For years I’ve loved living in, appreciating, and selling the beauty of Hilton Head area real estate and to be recognized by such a great publication such as ‘Celebrating Hilton Head’ is both endearing and humbling. At times such as these when you have so much to say, sometimes all you can say is “thank you”. With that being said, thank you to all involved!

Recently, I wrote an article detailing how area Hilton Head real estate is starting to buoy due to distressed sales no longer anchoring the values in the market. I was just notified that the wonderful publication ‘Celebrating Hilton Head’ picked up and published my write up. This…

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I should probably begin with a fair warning that reading this post may lead to involuntary mouthwatering and a sudden urge to lick your fingers. Now that the legal stuff is out of the way, let’s get cooking. I hope you're hungry, Hilton Head.   Now let’s be clear that you can’t rank these restaurants anymore than you could pick your favorite child (not that I’ve tried that sort of thing). The bottom line is they all do what they do and do it well. And what they do, ladies and gentlemen, is the best BBQ in South Carolina.  

Queue the ‘Cue

Although my good friends and online marketing team at Dakno Marketing (in Raleigh, NC) might disagree, everyone knows that South Carolina is the birthplace of BBQ. Settle down Tennessee and Georgia, this…

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The Hilton Head area real estate market has been incredibly successful over the past several years as it is recovering from the Great Recession. Rather surprisingly last year was the strongest EVER IN HISTORY for Hilton Head area home sales! I say “surprisingly” because who would have expected 2013 to be the all-time record for home sales; yet it was. Not only that, but statistics show that this year's home sales market is on pace for another newsworthy showing. One of the primary causes for 2014’s success is the rapid decrease in distressed sales, foreclosures and short sales, which suggests that the area's overall real estate market is settling in for an era of prosperity and stability.

What Exactly is a Distressed Sale?

You may be unfamiliar with…

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Tons of families flock to Hilton Head Island's beaches each year to vacation and have an absolute ball. And you can count my family in that mix as well!

One of life’s highlights for my wife and I is enjoying some quality time with family members right here on the beaches of Hilton Head Island. For my children, the beaches are a nostalgic place to remember fond family memories. And for my beautiful grandchildren, they’re a place to form priceless new ones.

So what makes our beach communities so attractive compared to all of the other beach communities in the state? Well... How much time do you have?

What Makes Hilton Head Island Special?

Here are four reasons why families love our community its beaches:

  • We offer 12 miles of incredible,…

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We have updated our popular e-book here at Rick Turner and Associates. Many have reported to us that it was of great use in navigating the Hilton Head golf real estate market.

This book, titled “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Private Golf Club Communities,” is a treasure trove of information that will help you not only discover what makes a private golf club community different from other neighborhoods (hint: It’s not just about the golf) but will also help you find the right community for you.

So What Should I Know About Private Hilton Head Golf Club Communities?

First, let’s make sure we’re on the same page: A Private Golf Club Community is a gated, upscale community in which the community and the club are essentially the same. All…

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We have an exciting opportunity for anyone thinking about entering the Hilton Head area real estate market anytime soon as a buyer.

Right now, you can download our new ebook titled “7 Reasons Why The Timing Is Excellent to Buy Real Estate.”

This book provides some excellent and historical information about the Hilton Head area real estate market and also analyzes recent sales activity to support the title of the book - that now really is an opportune time to invest in real estate on Hilton Head Island, in Bluffton, or in Beaufort, South Carolina.

So What Are The 7 Reasons Why The Timing is So Good Now?

  1. The Hilton Head area real estate recession is over
  2. If you’re borrowing, money’s never been cheaper
  3. The monthly cost of owning is…

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You may have heard of the unparalleled success of the real estate market in the Hilton Head area, which had a record-setting year in 2013.   It looks as though this positive trend will continue as the first quarter of 2014 has continued to show the impressive prosperity of the Hilton Head Island area real estate market.   Home sale numbers have stayed historically high and median sale prices, while still low, are nearing the highest they have been in the past 5 years.  

Hilton Head Homes Sales in the First Quarter of 2014

Take a look at the number of home sales chart that I have included below.
As you can see, 529 Hilton Head area homes have sold in the first quarter of 2014. This is among the three most successful…

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