Linda Rudd, Realtor®, Partner

After living in Kansas City in the 1980's, award-winning Realtor Linda Rudd embarked on a journey to find a new lifestyle on the Southeast Coast. That search began and culminated on Hilton Head Island. Meandering down the coast through Georgia and all along both coasts of Florida, she explored one distinctive community after another, each falling short of Hilton Head's magnetic attraction. That quest confirmed the Island was to be her new home! She has lived in the area ever since, reveling in friendly, sunny lifestyle so suited to her. Linda loves her family: a daughter, five grandchildren and three brothers. She enthusiastically declares, "I’m thrilled to invest my love and time into their lives.” In her real estate profession, Linda combines her enthusiasm for sharing the "wonders of paradise living" and her love of helping others. With a background in franchise marketing and sales, Linda started her career in real estate in the 90’s, rapidly rising to one of the area’s top Realtors and partner in Turner & Rudd Group. "It's exhilarating to assist people in fulfilling their dreams as they discover the wonderful possibilities our Lowcountry affords them," says Linda, adding, “It's not only very fulfilling – it's just plain fun!"

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